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All-Star Team
Saturday Men's League (Division I - Open) Winter 2011-2012
SoCal Conference

Troy Brooks
AV Finest
22.9 pts9.3 reb3.4 ast

Terrell Burnett
Hometown kingz
17.2 pts3.6 reb2.8 ast

Carlton Clay
AV Finest
16.5 pts6.7 reb2.7 ast

Sibouh Koundajian
Super Sonics
13.4 pts9.4 reb1.8 ast

Gary Thomas
AV Finest
16.5 pts4.0 reb1.0 ast

Jr. Guillor
21.1 pts9.4 reb3.1 ast

Miguel Rios
Super Sonics
7.4 pts7.4 reb3.4 ast

Tony Robles
14.0 pts3.0 reb2.7 ast

Jason Bayer
19.7 pts8.0 reb2.0 ast

Adderli Andrade
Hometown kingz
19.4 pts7.6 reb3.0 ast

Christian Freeman
18.0 pts7.3 reb2.5 ast

Andrew Clark
Hometown kingz
13.2 pts6.6 reb2.0 ast

Major Starling
17.0 pts7.0 reb3.3 ast

Dave Lake
Polar Bears
8.8 pts1.5 reb1.3 ast

Anish Patel
Polar Bears
9.2 pts2.2 reb2.0 ast

La France Gregory
9.3 pts3.0 reb1.3 ast

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