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The league rules outline the increased/expanded league organization and structure. Below are the updated rules and policies of the league. Please check back often and refer to the pdf version of the rules and guidelines as the pdf contains the most recent edition.

Pasadena Basketball League

Pasadena Basketball League

SoCal Basketball League
Copyright © 2011, SoCal Basketball League: Pasadena, CA. All rights reserved.
Official League Rules

of the

Basketball League



Basketball Operations Dept.

Miguel Garcia, Executive President. of Basketball Operations

All participating players and their guests will be responsible for their own medical insurance. SoCal Basketball League or the county of Los Angeles, and its owners are not liable for any injuries suffered on the basketball courts or around the premise.


Teams in the Asian / Pacific Division must have all players on the court with Asian / Pacific Islander heritage (Background)  to be eligible to play in the respective Divisions. We will require a valid birth certificate and or a valid passport, we reserve the right to ask for a certificate at any time. Anyone questioned by the league, as to if you are from the Asian countries, without a valid birth certificate or Current Stamped, that parents or grandparents and/or yourself are from considered Asian countries will not be allowed to play in the league. Without any argument from anyone, until you provide the league Proper and Legal documents that we ask for. Our managers reserve the right to deny players permission if there is any feeling of a forged or altered document or they are too tall or they are not valid. Anyone can participate on our Open Divisions with the exception of the height limit for the respective Divisions. 

                                                                 League Rules

1.  Game will consist of Two (2) - 20-minute halves - running time with the clock stopping for time outs and the last 2 minutes in the 2nd half.

2.  If a team is ahead by 11 points or more with 2 minutes remaining in the game, the clock will continue to run.

3.  The clock will start at the jump ball or when a player begins to shoot pre-game technical foul shots.

4.  Overtime will last 3 minutes (running time until last minute);

        2nd overtime will last 1 minute (stopped time);

      each team is awarded 1  time-out per overtime.

  Sudden Death Period - If the score is tied after 2nd overtime

a. Sudden death uses no clock
b. Sudden death begins with a jump ball
c. Sudden death affords no time outs
d. Sudden death affords three fouls before going to the line
e. Sudden death can be sudden; the game is over when one team scores.

5.  Each Teams is permitted 4 time-outs for the entire game.

6.  Players must wear matching team jerseys. A (pre-game) technical foul will be assessed before the game for each player who does not have the proper team jersey.

7.  Technical fouls assessed prior to the start of a game will not result in loss of possession of the ball.

8.  Each Team Managers is responsible of paying the Ref fee of $45 for their team per game.



                                                                   House Rules


Note: National Federation of State High school Association Basketball Rules will Govern other Points Not Covered in there Rules.


1.  Every game will begin with a jump ball.

2.  A team may start and finish a game with four (4) players. If a team has four (4) players at the scheduled start time, they must start the game at the scheduled start time, a 5th player can be added when he arrives. (May only enter the game following a dead ball)

3.  Only Players on Team Roster May participate in League Games. ( 1 Day permits are available for a $10 Fee)  It is the manager’s responsibility to contact the league coordinator as to any roster changes before your next scheduled games. Players in your roster must play at least 3 games in order to be allowed to play in the playoffs.

4.  All players must be 18 years or older

( Any minors participating must have parental permission waiver signed)

5.  Teams shoot 1-and-1 on the 7th team foul and 2 shots on the 10th team foul and all fouls thereafter.

      If overtime occurs the team fouls will carry over to the over time period

6.  Each player is allowed 6 personal fouls per game - See Disqualification Rule Below*

7.  No Protest will be allowed or recognized. The Game officials and the league coordinator will settle all dispute on the spot.



1. A legal uniform consist of a common colored shirt with a permanent number on the back. No Taped Numbers.

2.  All players must have a legal uniform by the Third Game. Any player not in legal uniform will be assessed a technical foul when they enter the game and 2 points will automatically given to the opposite team.



No jewelry is permitted to be worn during the game. However, flat wedding bands may be permitted as long as they are flat (no diamonds or other stones on the ring) and the ring must be covered with athletic tape, it must be removed prior to entering the game.


Unsportsmanlike Behavior and Fighting

The use of profanity, vulgarity, taunting and the verbal abuse of players and officials will not be tolerated. Any such incidents will be penalized with a technical foul. Any repeated conduct of this type will result in an immediate ejection of the player(s) involved, and those players will be subject to disciplinary action.


Fighting will not be tolerated! Anyone involved in a fight will be suspended for a minimum of 3 games and may be banned from the league. Any type of disciplinary action (including but not limited to suspensions and ejections) will be at the sole discretion of the league coordinator.


Mercy Rule

If there is a 20 point (or greater) margin with less than 1 minute left in the game, the game will be stopped.

Disqualification Rule

Players are disqualified after the 6th personal foul. Players will be disqualified from the game until there are four (4) players remaining. If any of the remaining four (4) players receives a 6th personal foul, that/those player(s) can continue to play, but a technical foul will be assessed on that player’s 6th personal foul and for each additional foul committed by that player.


Technical Fouls

All technical fouls will result in the opposing team receiving two (2) foul shots and possession of the ball. (A team does not lose possession of the ball for any pre-game technicals.) All technical fouls will also count as a personal foul, except for pre-game technical fouls.



Teams can start and finish a game with four (4) players. If a team does not have a minimum of four (4) players by 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, the game clock will be started and the team will be down 10-0.  2 Points for every minute. If a team still does not have the minimum of four (4) players within 10 minutes after the game clock has been started, then that team will forfeit the game. Forfeits are strongly discouraged and will weigh heavily in the seedings at playoff time.

All scheduled games who’s team forfeits must pay the league before start of the next game

$70 forfeit fee is due to cover officials and gym fees.

If a Team has 2 forfeits, they will be considered to be drop from the league,




* All Players must be registered to their team before allowed to play.

1 day Permits are available for a $10 fee

Players are allowed to upgrade to full registration by the end of that day, and apply the $5 towards the Registration Fee

1.  All players must be Registered on the official League Roster in order to play in league games.

2.  Rosters can contain a maximum of ten (10) players.

3.  Rosters should be filled out completely with players name, driver or I.D #, phone number and Signature.

4.  Roster changes can be made up to the 6th week of the season. In order to be eligible for the playoffs, players must be on the original roster and play in a minimum of four (3) regular season games.

5.  It is the responsibility of the team manager to verify that their roster is complete and correct.

6.  Before every game, each player must sign the player sign in sheet

7.  Each player must sign the team roster and sign the release and waiver form.

8.  Adds and Drops: There will be no more add ons by the beginning of Playoffs.

9.  An added player must be reported to the league coordinator before the game in which he is to play in. The player must be added to the roster and all information and waivers must be signed and completed before he is allowed to play.

10. A player must be on the Active Roster & play minimum of 3 games with the team to be eligible to play playoffs.


         Upon request, photo ID must be provided.*



Due to scheduling conflicts, playoff games may not be scheduled on the league’s usual night. Teams will be eligible for the playoffs based on total points as follows:

In a 6-team Division, the top 4  teams will make the playoffs.

In an 8-team Division, the top 6-8 teams will make the playoffs.

In a 10-team Division, the top 6-8 teams will make the playoffs.

In a 12-team (or greater) Division, the top 8 teams will make the playoffs.


Upon request, photo ID must be provided.


Playoff Tiebreakers


If teams have identical records and point differential at the end of the season, the following tiebreaker rules apply (in order):

1.Team with the fewest number of forfeits

2. Head to head

3. Points For Most Wins (contested games only)




Section I – Number of Players

1.       Teams are allowed a maximum of 10 players during the time of registration.

    A.      After league play begins, a team is allowed to acquire players through free agency or trades for a maximum of 10 players on active roster.

    B.      Teams that acquire more than 10 players through trades/free agency must release players to maintain an active of no more than 10 players.

    C.      See policies regarding Trades and Free Agency.

2.       Teams are allowed to play with only 4 players.

3.       If a team has less than 4 players at the original start time of the game, the team will be given a 10 minute wait period. The clock will start at the original start time of the game and run for 10 minutes. The opposing team is granted 2 points for each minute a 4th player is not on the court and ready to play. If a 4th player arrives before the 10 minute run-off, the game picks up at the point of run-off.

4.       If agreed on by both teams, the opposing team may select a 4th and/or 5th player for the team needing additional players.



Section II – Substitutions

1.       A substitute shall report to the scorer and position himself/herself to the side of the scorer’s table.

2.       The substitute shall remain in the Substitution Box until he or she is beckoned onto the court by an official.



Section III – Uniforms (Player Jerseys & Trunks)

1.       Each player shall be numbered on the back and/or front of his/her jersey with a number of solid color contrasting with the color of the jersey.

2.       The home team shall wear light color jerseys, and the visitors dark jerseys unless otherwise approved.

3.       Each player shall have matching trunks.




Section IV – Last Two Minutes

1.       When the game clock shows 2:00 in the second half and score is within 10 points, then the half is considered to be in the two-minute period.

2.       The clock will stop on all dead-balls during the two-minute period. (Including made basket)



Section V – Fouls

1.       Each player is allowed 6 fouls during a game. If a player reaches 6 fouls he/she is no longer eligible to resume play during game.

2.       Players losing eligibility to resume play must remove themselves from the area of play in a timely manner.  Failure to do so will result in the issuance of a technical foul.



Section VI – Timing

1.       All halves of regulation play will be 20 minutes.

2.       1st overtime period of play will be 3 minutes -  with 1 minute stop clock

3.       Double Overtime Period of play will be 1 minute.

4.       Triple Overtime - First Team to Score wins - "Tie Breaker"

5.       1 minutes will be permitted between halves of all games.

6.       60 seconds will be permitted before any overtime period.

7.       A team is permitted a total of 10 seconds to replace a disqualified player. 



Section VII – Timeouts

1.       Each charged timeout shall span a period of 40 seconds.

2.       Each team is entitled to four (4) charged timeouts during regulation play. Each team is limited to no more than four (4) timeouts per game total.

3.       In overtime periods, each team shall be allowed one (1) timeout.



Section VIII – Conduct

1.       An official may assess a technical foul, without prior warning, at any time. A technical foul(s) may be assessed to any player on the court or anyone seated on the bench for conduct which, in the opinion of an official, is detrimental to the game.

2.       A maximum of two technical for unsportsmanlike acts may be assessed any player, coach or trainer. Any of these offenders may be ejected for committing only one unsportsmanlike act, and they must be ejected for committing two unsportsmanlike acts.

3.       Any player or team personnel assessed 6 technical fouls during a season will result in suspension for the remainder of the season. Any player or team personnel suspended from 2 seasons will no longer be allowed to participate in any other league events.

4.       Cursing or blaspheming an official shall not be considered the only cause for imposing technical fouls. Running tirades, continuous criticism or griping may be sufficient cause to assess a technical. Excessive misconduct shall result in ejection from the game.

5.       A player, coach or trainer must be ejected for:

    A.      A punching foul

    B.      A fighting foul

    C.      Technical foul for an attempted punch or swing with no contact or a thrown elbow toward an opponent above shoulder level with no contact

    D.      Flagrant foul penalty

    E.       Participation in the game when not on team’s active roster list

6. Trashtalking, barking at players when they are shooting and using profanity words will result in a technical foul a simple reminder technical fouls count      as a personal and team fouls.


    7.  A player ejected from play must remove himself/herself from the court of play in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in his or her team forfeiting game.

SoCal Basketball League
Copyright © 2011, SoCal Basketball League: Pasadena, CA. All rights reserved.


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